Automobile Division - DFM

Dongfeng Motor Corporation was established in 1969, headquartered in Wuhan and it is one of the largest mainstay SEOs in the PRC. DFM has a wide coverage of business scope, engaged in the manufacture, sales and R&D of whole serial commercial vehicles, passenger vehicles, auto parts and components, vehicle manufacturing equipments and auto related business.

DFM has long been taking the operation philosophy of 'Care for every person, care for every vehicle'. It is committed to a self-directed development, a green development and also a harmonious development, aiming to become a responsible auto company which is trusted by the society. Focused on being stronger and better, and also taking innovation, independent development as well as reform and opening up as our top priority, we are dedicated to building DFM into an open, innovative, globally competitive auto giant which is capable of sustainable development.

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